How to Use AI to Find Real Estate Leads

How to Use AI to Find Real Estate Leads

Identifying and targeting the most promising real estate leads is an important aspect of successful real estate investing. By focusing on leads that are most likely to result in a sale or acquisition, investors can maximize their chances of making a profit and minimize the time and resources they spend on leads that are less likely to convert.

AI can be used to identify potential leads for real estate professionals and investors by analyzing data on factors such as location, asset types, and budget. This can help people target their marketing and sales efforts more effectively and increase the chances of finding potential buyers, sellers, renters and investment properties.

There are services out there like Catalyze AI for agents that will provide them with buyer and seller leads. There’s RealtyTrac that uses its algorithms to predict the likelihood of a property entering foreclosure, providing valuable information for investors looking to purchase distressed properties. And there is, a company that find tenants for commercial real estate owners, as well as offering other helpful AI services.

All those options are viable but what has worked the best for us personally is combining AI with our human Virtual Assistants (VA’s). Integrating the two together has a synergistic effect. We get our VA’s from We have 5 VA’s right now. 2 are focused solely on lead generation. We have used ChatGPT to help us narrow down who our ideal lead is. Then we also use it to build out procedures and appointment setting scripts for our VA’s to use when they are searching online for these leads. We have them searching different sites based on our AI generated criteria.

We have also trained and encouraged our VA’s to use the free AI tools online to be more productive and efficient. This has helped them cultivate leads in different cities and in different asset classes. This includes on and off market deals where we are working with both agents and also directly with sellers. We’ve personally found seller finance deals and creative finance deals this way.

Most of these tactics generate cold leads, people who don’t know you. Which is fine, but many investors still don’t think about warm lead generation, which can be even more effective. Your VAs, working with AI tools, can help with this as well. Have your VA’s use the tools in Chapter 5 to build your online brand, which will get people coming to you.

Here are just a few things we have had our VA’s do for us using AI:

  • Create videos for our social media
  • Create digital products
  • Build and code our website
  • Create drip marketing emails using active campaign
  • Design merch
  • Write content
  • Generate and send emails to get onto podcasts

These things will increase your exposure, build your authority in the industry and attract leads. People will actually reach out and contact you directly. Using VA’s and AI together is the ultimate leverage for generating leads for your business.

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