How to Use AI-Powered Marketing for Real Estate

How to Use AI-Powered Marketing for Real Estate

AI-powered marketing is truly revolutionizing the real estate industry by enabling businesses to personalize marketing campaigns, optimize advertising spend, and improve targeted content creation.

The game changing AI right now is of course ChatGPT. This revolutionary site was created by the Microsoft backed company, OpenAI. This chatbot is a must use and you’ve probably never seen anything like it. At the time of this writing, it is the most advanced AI bot we’ve seen and is capable of doing so many things for you and your business when it comes to the marketing side of real estate.

Its abilities are endless but really depend on you, the user. The quality of your experience with ChatGPT will depend on the quality of the input you feed it. Its outputs are only as good as the input you give it, so your requests and questions need to be quality if you want the bot to produce good results for you. Here are some things we personally use ChatGPT to help us with when it comes to our marketing:

  • Write blogs
  • Write video scripts
  • Create digital products
  • Outline online courses
  • Create product descriptions
  • Create sales scripts
  • Any copywriting for anything
  • Write job postings
  • Write email marketing sequences
  • Write property descriptions for rental

There are countless other tools and sites that we have found extremely valuable in our marketing. Below I have compiled a short list of these sites for you and I strongly suggest you start trying them out:

  • – this site can produce amazing AI generated presentations and pitch decks for you within minutes.
  • – this site is an AI landing page builder. It allows you to create beautiful landing pages without the need for coding, design or copywriting skills.
  • – this site will auto generate video content for you. It has stock audio and visual you can use to create video marketing content from scratch and without having to film yourself.
  • – this site allows you to use a human avatar to put to your marketing. You can also pay to create your own digital avatar. One that talks and looks just like you.
  • – this makes email faster and more efficient. The product is designed to help users manage their email more efficiently through shortcuts, automation, & productivity tools.
  • – this site creates royalty free AI generated music for you to use in your video marketing. Just type in the type of sound/song you’re looking for and it auto produces it.
  • – this site is a text to image creator. You type in what you want to see and it auto generates a picture for you.

Use AI to enhance your marketing efforts, not replace them. AI can be a useful tool for automating certain tasks, but it should not be used as a substitute for human interaction and creativity.

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